Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roadside Projects and Some of My Own Projects

Hi, there!
No, I did not die! I was just busy.

I took some pictures and video for an aunt, and well, it was important to do the job right, not waste time writing and having fun; that is why, all the end of October, I was out and about, stressing over lighting issues and sound problems, not here blogging.

Plus, yesterday my BFF sent me a link to the National Novel Writing Month Organization, apparently November is the international month to write a novel and I got into the mood to do it… so, yesterday, all my writing was done in the form of a bad novel. And yes, probably this whole month I will be an extremely unprofessional blogger. I am so sorry.

The goal is to reach 50,000 words by the end of November, and I must try and finish the task. If I don’t, well, I will have to add it to my (everyday-longer) list of things unaccomplished, and I just don’t want to do that. 

OK, so. To the post! Let’s go! (Yes, that was done in a bad imitation of Batman).

Before I got lost in things that resembled a job, I had done a selection of some magnificent pieces done by Jayme McGowan (Roadside Projects) a 3D Illustrator from California (USA) that works, magnificently, with paper.  She has done various expositions and has been featured in many magazines (both web and print).

I am so jealous, of her. I wish I had the talent to do paper art as work. To sit all afternoon, tracing, cutting and gluing things, what an incredible happy existence! Not that I think she has an easy job, that’s the thing! You need serious talent to be able to do so many subjects and to take commissions, to express all you have to say with paper. You have to have patience (which I don’t), steady hands (which I don’t), an eye for color and dimensions, a sense of humor and talent (which I don’t, don’t, don’t and sure don’t). She is really good (I do envy her).

Have a look at her work:

Oscar's Accidental Adventure
The Trapeze Twins
Birthday (accordion)
The Yellow Chute
Lovely pieces, aren’t they?
For more form Jayme McGowan and her Roadside Projects you can visit the official web Site (here), the blog (here) or her Flickr Photostream (here). You might also like to check out her Etsy shop (here), maybe you’ll be lucky and find something nice for you home.

Illustration for New Scientist Magazine article

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