Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi, again.

Hi there, so yeah, life has been kind of a riot lately; I am not used to being normal, being normal is hard (HARD) work.

I am on meds fulltime now… I don’t know how to call it, it means I take pills that make me not insane and not filled with anxiety; and so, life on this brand new side, is kind of amazing, clean, “standard” you might call it (only it’s anything but). I am working my ash off at the office (La Trouppe), I take my personal photos (here you can have a look), and well I am trying to start a small business with a friend (taking photos for parties and wedding and all those happy events people like to remember).

I am not really sure how much you care to know all this, but, it’s therapeutic for me to write it… so you can skip this post or you can keep reading (your call).

I decided that I am not going to spend my life no doing what I love… and I love to take pictures, I love to write (blog) and I love to drink coffee; three simple things that I will never stop doing; three simple things that in many ways complement themselves.

I am giving this blog a new go. I know I said that before and I went all flaky, but I am ready now, I have new energy and I don’t want to waste it. I don’t care if this thing gives me no money, this blog was never (ever) about making money, I want to get back to searching for amazing things (this blog was always about that).

So, after a day learning a new play, a long shower, a cup of café con leche:I declare this blog back on (yeah, I sung that part).

And this time a really mean it.

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