Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love Replies!

So remember I told you guys my secret about getting mail from the artists by way of sending them an e-letter asking permission to use their work… well one of them wants to sue me!!

NO! hahaha not really, I lie, I lie… I just wanted to add some drama to de post…

No, well the real story is that Ruta Elze gave me a little reply, a sweet and kind little message that made my day so happy

… by the way, I kind of screwed things with her, because I used her images before asking for permission, so the note to her was kind of “I am so sorry, hope you don’t mind, I just got exited and wanted to post, but I did not take credit for your things, sorry, sorry”

BUT! Even though I was bad, she was good to me. And told me that in her blog (here) she does plenty of giveaways (remember that I posted that I was poor and could not buy many things)… and so she encourage me to enter her giveaways and maybe I could still fill my bookshelf with her work. Isn’t she nice?

Well I wanted to let you all know, first because you need to know how nice the crafters really are and second so you would follow her blog as well (I do already); you might win some little cute things.
I will be sure to post links to any giveaway I find, but you know; follow her, she is nice.

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