Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cake and Hello Naomi!

Today there will be cake! Yeah!!!
Not every day one wakes up knowing such a thing!!

So sad, I know… hahaha… by now you could probably guess that I am not a size 0 (or a 2, or a 3, or a 4…); Yeah, anyone that wakes up happy because they are going to get extra carbohydrates that day, is either on a really strict diet (which I am NOT) or not as skinny as he or she COULD be (my case in point).

Sure I was once a size 5 (at 17!!!) and now I am stuck in a 7 (an 8 on a bad day and a 6 on a good brand, you know like Banana Republic and Gap, according to them I am a 6 so I like them, who cares about the sweatshops!!!); Whatever, 6, 7 o 8 I am happy; I don’t hide my feelings with Cheetos or go around skipping meals.

I truly love to eat, always have and probably always will, and I am actually proud of it. I loved vegetables and fruits as a kid, and I have never been queasy about trying new foods. In France I ate all kinds of stinky cheeses and in Uruguay I chomped every single part of lamb and cow that they were able to grill. I have experienced great things thanks to food, and I think everyone should live enjoying each single meal… just don’t go to crazy with the butter! (And if you do, the next day, take a walk, a swim or a run… just to level things out).

So, yesterday I went to de gym hahahaha… just so today I could have birthday cake* without any bad feelings afterwards.

So … since cake is on my mind I thought it would be perfect to post about Hello Naomi. A long time ago I found her photostream (which is full of perfect and fun little cupcakes), at that time, she didn’t sell them; she just made them for her friends (I did ask her on an e-mail). Now she has her shop in Newcastle, Australia and I can guess (because her work is so lovely) that she is doing just fine.

Her work in fondant is just so cute and clean, plus her themes are fun and fresh; also I presume she could do plenty of request, I don’t see her having any problems with a certain subject. She has been featured in tons of magazines and you have probably seen her work without even knowing it (a lot of people do steal her pics without giving her credit which is a shame).
Here are some images I did NOT steal:

Pac-Man Wedding Cake

Red robin cupcake

Puccho (japanese candy) cupcakes

Robot Cakes

Here is her official web page, it has more pcitures and more info on Hello Naomi

*A good friend is having her birthday party today... and she loves cake as well, so it will probably be of the best of tastes.

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