Monday, April 26, 2010


If I had money I would buy a camera and two lenses (no need for three yet).

If I had more money, I would take my boyfriend to a four week vacation to Europe. (yeah! four! because I have lots and lots of imaginary money); back from that trip, I would go to an art store and give myself a shopping spree.
I would also buy a new couch, plus and ottoman (to be really fancy)… oh! And a bookshelf … and books!
New shoes, new jeans, JCrew blouses (like this one, this one and oh! this one); plus I would get a dress (this dress) for Antropologie, and since I am there I would buy silly things for my home (like these little elephan shakers)

And! to top it all, to make it special, I would get a Tinctory neclace.

Rara avis VII

Honeycomb No.2
Rara avis I

Heart of the flower

I find them so lovely, so grown up but playful.
Eva is the maker of this rare jewelry she has a blog -> HERE
and this is her shop --> THIS

So, yeah, love to daydream...
but I am happy, as long as food, internet and my blog I am just dandy.

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