Friday, April 9, 2010

I simply love winning.

Ok, so I can’t work… but! I can enter giveaways!! And (with a bit of luck) win them!
Some days ago I entered in a cool giveaway here: The light Fantastic and today I found out that I actually won, so, I have to choose a photo form her Etsy shop… I am nervous. What if I choose the wrong one… well of course there is NO such thing as a wrong gift, but still I am no good at decisions. I think I should wait for my boyfriend to come back from work and choose it together; it IS going on OUR wall after all….
Here are some I am feeling might be my pick:
Ahh so hard to pick one, but I think my gut is telling me number one IS the one.
And don’t worry. I know, I know you are a little bit mad that you didn’t win, but that is ok. Her Etsy shop is still there and you can pick up one of her prints whenever you like. AND! I will tell you about other giveaways, I won’t keep them all to myself, promise.

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