Friday, April 9, 2010

This boy is wonder.

So, I am an amateur photographer, that is to say, I go around snapping pictures of trees with my boyfriend’s camera; then when I feel I have enough (or when I get hungry) I come back home, upload them to my computer, pick a few and upload the chosen ones to Flickr.
Plus I did buy that option on Flickr to become a PRO… that gives me status! And when I say I did buy it, I really mean, my boyfriend did (remember I am poor).

Any whose (I know that is wrong, I just like it that way)… I am a pro on Flickr, and that makes me feel so good. How cares if I did buy that title! A Pro is a pro is a pro is a pro.
Well then… After I am done uploading, naming and tagging my pictures like a true professional, I feel like looking around, to see what my peers in photography are doing (coof, coof, yeah I did say peers)… And a stumble across this guy!

Well bloody hell! I start to feel cheap, all of the sudden I am just a girl that pressured his boyfriend into paying 24 dollars and change, for a no good rank! He is too good, plus! It seems to come easy for him!!!

Of course he has like a thousand followers, has been featured in Explored many times, and is the administrator of this cool (Really cool) group where you can ask for Olaf the Gnome, a prop in some of his pictures, and it will be mail to you so you can take photos with it (him? it? It’s a carton Gnome but I don’t want to hurt his feelings); that way Olaf travels the world! (cool, no?) and you get to do something nice for a day.

I have no idea who he is and what he does for a living but I guess I really don’t care*… as long as he keeps uploading good and happy pictures I am fine.

I wanted to share my knowledge of Boy Wonder because, usually, when I enter into my Flickr account and see some of his new photos I can’t help but smile, and maybe he will do the same to you; Look around in his photostream, you might find something that will inspire you or at least some shame in your lack of imagination; either way it will not be a waste of time

*I do care, but I am happier not knowing, I love to dream up his life and his days; no need for reality when one can just imagine... plus I don't want to be really creepy and Google him!!!

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