Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I love intensely Camilla Engman

I was saving this post for a perfect moment, and since I now have 6 followers I think it is that moment.

I am bringing out the big guns, big kahuna, the big something else, the Yepa, yepa! to my Arriba, arriba! Yeah… I am out of expressions… so I’ll get to the post:

Her name is Camilla, cute name, no? her last name is Engman (also cute I think) and I am just passionate about her; not in a lesbian kind of way but rather in a I-want- to-know-how-your-mind-works-and-be-your-best-friend-for-ever-and-ever way (which is creepier and less legal, but I enjoy the feeling).

I lack the proper education in fine arts and illustration needed to describe her work, I am sure someone more adept could write a full essay on her use of techniques or the meaning of her paintings. I will just say I LOVE IT! Yeah all caps… that is how much I love it.
Take a look!

Little bio: She was born in a town called Trollhättan in Sweden and she has a Master of Fine Arts Degree… so maybe she could write a great post about her work, for now you will have to do with mine. Look around her blog, her Flickr photostream and her web page to find more about her.

OH! By the way, when I post about someone I usually check with them (if they have a contact mail) to see if it’s OK to use their pictures and images. I don’t take credit for their work and I don’t make money off of them; so it is safe to assume that no artist would actually get mad with my post or would try to sue me… no REAL need for the mail asking permission… BUT! If I do send the e-mail… THEY! ANSWER!!! So, I get to have a tinny note from them!!!! Aren’t I pathetic?
Of course one of my most adore, is the small mail Camilla Engman sent me a few day ago… it makes me so happy. Sure it is simple, not in her handwriting, and I guess not much for many, but she took the time... and to know that makes my days joyous.

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