Monday, April 12, 2010

My dear 4 followers:

Lest talk about me. It is MY blog after all… lest talk about what I wanted to become… when I was little girl I wanted to become a great woman… I had no idea what that meant so I wished to have a red coat… I always thought fantastic woman wore red coats. So THAT was what I wanted. Silly little Amaranta, no knowledge at all.

Now, that I am 27, I wished I had
been a little more specific, that I had been instructed in the ways of this world.… I live in Florida, so the coat it’s not so needed. Maybe I could have asked to be photogenic, to have talent, a flawless skin, perfect lighted house and a dramatic and impressive point of view… but no… I wanted a knee length coat… so…
Ashlee, on the other hand, (enough about me!) never wasted a wish on a cloak, anorak or cape… and so she became this kind of woman:

A complete other species from mine, no?

I found her in Flickr, and for the last 6 months I have hated her with all my might… no, no I lie, I lie!
I love her look, her pictures and her soft gaze. She is amazing.
I have my coat (only it is black and old); she can have her lovely life I don’t care… I don’t! … No, no, I am not crying! It is just dust… from my coat… it fell on my eye… what? Shut up!

If you want more of her go here: Her Flickr photstream and Her tumblr.

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