Monday, April 12, 2010

I heart Fawa.

This is a more enjoyable world thanks to one little lady. Her name is Natalia and her work is Fawa, a collection of homemade dolls, stamps, paintings, and bags that will just melt your heart.

I know this girl, because as you can tell I am a cool chick that hangs with the cool crowd... or… maybe it was just sheer dumb luck that I went to the same college as her and! That we actually worked together at a coffee shop! (Trivia fact: We only worked there about a week, because the same day she quit I got fired!!!... yeah, I was never the cool one).

I will tell you one thing about her: She is not for show, she IS this crazy, lovable, cute as a button gal and her work is just the same.

I am currently in major love with her hand carved stamps and soon I will go to her house and steal one. I will just knock on her door, say hello, enter, chat a little and when she is busy looking after her (LOVELY) son, snap! I will take that stamp! And away I will go, just happy.
Since all of you do not know where her house is (like I do)… you will have to buy them.

This is her blog
this is her shop
and this is her Peanut Buddy stamp:

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