Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dilka the Bear

It is so fun when you can see the evolution in someone’s work, I think that is one of the main reasons I love Flickr and blogs, you can pick an artist and go back through his or her archives, looking back at how they started. You can learn a lot about what moves them, and see how they have change in technique or subjects.

Yesterday as I was looking for new-posts material I found Dilkathebear's Photostream, and today I gave myself the time to look at her work. Well, I found it so interesting to see her work’s progression; I am not well read in arts, so I guess there is no way I can really articulate the experience of going back and looking at here old work, and then compare it to her new things. But I must say, it is such an out of the ordinary experiment; her work has changed SO much! (It starts adorable and good, but at the end it is crazy spectacular)

I urge you to do it; it is so amazing, go to her first page on Flickr (here*), and then star the path to her present work, and amazing artist develops in front of your eyes. Constants remain: her love of eyes that look kind of tired and sad, nature backgrounds, women as main focus, and animals as company for the girls. She never loses her point of view, but at the same time changes and becomes (at least for me) a more expressive and appealing artist.

It is so inspiriting to see that only 2 years can do so much for someone’s art.

Here are some of her new paintings that I loved** (If you click on them they will take you to their respective Etsy shop page):


Lake Of Tears



Yes I forgot, I little about her: She is from Italy and is taken. Hahahah sorry, that is all that her Flickr Profile gave me… ok, ok, al search!... well… yep, that is all, we have another shy artist. But from an artist what really matters is his or her art, so for more of Dilka Bear’s art, go to this shop (here), her Etsy shop (here) and her Photostream (here).

Key Keeper

*It might change with time. Maybe just go to her main page and look for the oldest. Main page --> HERE
**By the way, I hate the watermarks on the images, I feel so dirty posting them like that, as if I am stealing them. But I will send Dilka Bear a mail telling her that I used these images, ok? Don't feel bad.

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