Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yay, for today and yesterday!

Yesterday was an ultra cool day, you see in my spying Jean Matos I added him to my facebook friends, because I thought that maybe he would add me without thinking and I would be able to spy a little about him (at that moment I didn’t even know if he was a guy or a girl)… so anyway, he accepted the friend request!!! But by the time he did, I had already posted about him (because I had found my information someplace else) and! I had already sent him a e-mail telling him about the post*…

So! The cool part: he left me a little message thanking me for the post….
The not so cool part: He knew that I had been REALLY spying on him!!! I think I looked like a total groupie… but well, that’s life.

So now, I will post a little song from Café Tacuba a Mexican group, it is called Eres (translation by me: You are).

I really like this song, but I think I want to post it more because of the video; I think it is great because it shows you how middle school in Mexico looks like. We all wore uniforms like those (unless you were in an ultra preppy school): White shirt, long socks, horrible shoes, the sweater wrapped around our waist, and some accessories trying to look a little cooler. The classrooms are really full and kind of a mess (no lockers so our backpacks were on the floor next to our seats), the architecture of the school is super basic. Plus the girl in the video is like the REAL version of a cute Mexican girl.

So look at it!!! (please)

*I always try to send e-mails to the artist and crafters when I do a little post about them; that way the know that I have use their images, that I love their work and that their web pages work because people like me and my readers are now associated with their work.

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