Tuesday, May 4, 2010

... and on Giveaway Island...

- If you want the opportunity to win a coffee set (ultra cute by the way) made by Kasuga a Japanese ceramic company go to Deedee9:14 --> HERE
- At
Spanky Stokes there is a giveaway of one 3" custom dunny (or a whole set of 6, I didn't get the description very well)... anyway, one or 6 is still a deal --> HERE
- The Cerebral Dilettante is giving away a cute set of earrings --> HERE
- And if you really feel lucky, go to Sweet Bestiary, she is having a giveaway of two of her bathers figurines (I love them!!) --> HERE
- The Bright Side Project is having a giveaway of multiple prints --> HERE
- The Film on the Fridge is giving two fat quarter packs of Tufted Tweets --> HERE
- Feeling Inspired (Valentina Ramos) is giving away some of her original art --> HERE

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