Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alex Noriega's work and I 4ever!

Can I have an illustration crush and still be completely faithful to my man? Well I do hope so, because I don’t want hell awaiting for me in the afterlife. This is a just visual affair; not really, because the other guy knows nothing of me, so it is presently a silly platonic thing I have with his work… nothing kinky going on.

I found his work thanks to Flickr’s Explore… (I think. I have a horrible memory; that is why I tend to write information down, a.k.a. blog… well, let’s pretend I know this to be a fact, and keep going). So, yeah, on Flickr, he has great thing: manly but yet sensible, a little rough but always sweet… perfect illustrations to take on a walk at the beach.

Super Fun Flying Cloud!

He is from Barcelona (Barcelona has great artist by the way; I keep finding plenty of interesting stuff coming out of that town). Alex Noriega is a Male illustrator and that is all I can gather by his profile hahaha. Sorry, I still refuse to Google people. Oh! he did answer my can-I-use-your-images-e-mail and he was really nice about it; but! He did actually express that (as I well know) the asking for permission was really unnecessary (he got me!). Smart and talented!*

Ya no. (Text reads: I don't love you anymore)

城镇 Town

看見 See

If you want more of him go to his blog -> HERE
or to his photostream -> HERE

I forgot to tell you that in his Flickr photostream he has other work in comic format, go and see it, it is really nice.

*But my guy is still the sexiest of them all; so I will never replace him.

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