Friday, May 28, 2010

Hey, baby doll! (Oso Polar)

So, when I found the Photostream of Oso Polar, I went nuts! I immediately started to send links to all my close friend, because I found them absolutely fascinating. First of all, she takes good pictures, ok? That is the basis of my love, but then, when you think about what she actually does, she takes a neutral dolls, does ultra good make up on them (the kind that I can’t even do on myself) and then! She takes the great picture. And of course if you are talking about a blank doll, well, she has to paint and prepare all aspects of its image (eyes, make up, hair, accessories, etc); There is some real craft and devotion behind every picture.

I must admit that I knew little about what Oso Polar does, my brother is a real fan of all-things Asian, and so, I know about the existence of many types of dolls and the aficionado culture behind them. But I did a little more research to do this post some justice. First I contacted Oso Polar to ask her if she in fact did the paintings on her dolls (or bought them like that) and yes, she does them. Then I went online to find more about the BJD (Short for ball-jointed dolls) she uses.

And what I found was amazing. So, OK, you buy your doll (with or without make-up depending, I guess, of your taste and craftsmanship) and then you can buy parts for the dolls, like eyes, hands, wigs, feet, etc. to make them just like you want it. They are NOT cheap, and every little extra will cost you some serious cash. Not a hobbies for poor people like me, you can go to Iple House (here) or to Dream of Doll (here) to see what I mean.

They are spectacular dolls, no doubt about it; but somehow the way Oso Polar captures them, makes them even more breathtaking. Have a looky look:

By the way, she is from Moscow, Russia.
see more of her lovely dolls and pictures, go to Oso Polar's Photostream (HERE)

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