Friday, May 28, 2010

Jenny M. from Israel!!!

Remember Yokoo?? I did a post about her and her fabulous knits. Well a long time ago she posted a fantastic little portrait that a fan had sent her:

That fan turns out is Jenny M (M for Meilihove), and Jenny Meilihove has, amongst other things, talent and a cat*. In her work, she goes from the fantastic and bright, to the quiet and realistic. She works with all types of materials and that range gives her a multifaceted spectrum of creations.

She was born in Russia and moved when she was 11 years old to Israel. She gratuaded with excellence from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and lives in Jerusalem.

Here, are more things from here that I loved, but please do visit her Photostream (here), her Web Page (here) or her shop (here), because her work is too comprehensive to capture in 5 images.

Oh, and she has two other shops on Etsy: Her art shop (here) and her bag shop (here). Go visit them, and if you can, buy something special!!!

*According to her, she also has: 1 boyfriend, 1 shop and 2 yellow shoes and 1 home with a big garden.

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