Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Brazil, not only the cheese is great. (Jean Matos)

Well as I have told you some post ago, I am not a fan of nudes. I don’t know, I supposed I just prefer people with their clothes on… just my taste. I am also not really into gory or strong images; I like bunnies and puppies, all types of baby animals, rainbows, cups of calming tea, hugs and glitter.

But every now and then (especially when I am sleep deprived), I feel strongly attracted to some weird/disturbing images; like a summer love with a bad guy. I am hunted by this desired to be evil, love evil, adore bad words and watch Showtime. I go to my dark side, and I love it.
Today, as I was stumbling on Flickr, searching on other member’s favorite images I found this:

Love!!! I felt love!
Yes I know, they seem sick (really, really sick), unhappy and well… there are two heads and just one body! But the image! It is so striking! The eyes, are so alive (even in their kind of dead look), I just knew, whoever the painter was (this Jeemas), he or she was making other really interesting things.

AND!!! My super spying intuition was NOT wrong!!! Look!!! Such crazy, amazing, beautiful in their kind of creepy ways!! Look!! I love them!

Now… I have to admit, I did Google him/her… Because his or hers Flickr profile was really not much, It just said that the member was from Brazil... So… I did it, yes, I turned into THAT girl, that crazy I-will-Google-your-name-because-I-like-you type of girl; but it had to be done, at least to know if he o she is a he or a she.

And… It’s a boy!!!!
His real name is Jean Matos, and well… that is it. Yes, he is a shy person, and will not go posting about himself on the net, which is fine by me, as long as he keeps on uploading such great images.

Now, beware that if you are not into nudes and nipples, you might find some of his other images on his photostream a little strong; nothing to crazy or violent, just nude girls and guys, but not real, just ink and paint bodies. He is good photographer, you will find some really cool pictures along with his paintings (no nudes*).
Flickr Photostream (Here)

Oh, in my spying I found an interview Jean Matos did for Open Lab Magazine, and HERE is the link, if you want to know a little more about him.

*Sorry, about my obsession with being so cotton over skin friendly, but I don’t know if any of you, are underage and/or pure and I don’t want to be the one exposing you to funky and perverse images.

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