Monday, May 10, 2010

La crème de la crème. (Blanca Gomez)

Somehow I stumbled upon the work of Blanca (Blanca Gomez that is) and well, I just though her things were top notch, tiptop, swell and dandy.
Another ultra lady from Madrid, Blanca does some really interesting illustrations. She has tons of REALLY amazing cards and lovely prints, here take a look:

For more of her work go to her
Web page-> HERE
Blog -> HERE
Etsy shop -> HERE
or Photostream -> HERE

Sorry for my lack of words today, I feel bad for Blanca because her work surely deserves more fantastic descriptions, but… it is one of those Mondays… you know; things not every day are the best. Oh, well, someday I will make it up to her by buying tons of her prints.

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