Monday, May 10, 2010

Yay! I want to be from Spain! (Natascha S. Rosenberg)

What do they feed children is Spain!!!?? How come they grow up to be fantastic illustrators and artist!?? Something is wrong here! They need to share whatever they have going on with the rest of the world! These European gals have a straightforward stile (a get to the lovely point and no bull method) that I am just in love with. And Spain! Oh my supreme stinky cheese!!! It is making the cuteness go round!!! (Ok, I admit, the last two sentences made no sense at all).

But look! Look with your own eyes and tell me! Is this not just pure heaven?


Her name is Natascha S. Rosenberg and I want to be worldly like her. Sure she was not born in Spain but she was raised there… her birth place is Germany (another ultra cool place); and now she travels between both countries and has a life that I imagine is filled with everything I want (ENVY!!!!! Hahaha no, well not really I just think she HAS to be ultra chic).

She has a blog (HERE) and I’ll be sure to follow it, because I want to absorb as much information about her as I can. Who is this Natascha? What makes hands do the things they do? How can I mimic her talent, and become some kind of poor man’s Rosenberg hahahaha… I will be Amaranta Poor Man’s Rosenberg and take on the world!

Wow, I hope she never reads this or she will have nightmares about me; I kid
Natascha, I kid; I’m just making the post a little entertaining, I will not try to imitate or emulate you in any way! I will only daydream of having something like your talent and then carry on making chicken with potatoes and writings on this blog… sad, but true.



Messy Brain

If you want some more of her, you can visit her Web page (HERE), her blog (HERE), her photostream (HERE).
AND! You are lucky to have some extra money this month or you have a shopping problem, go HERE to her shop!! Oh, and by the way, she does work and all types of media, so if you go to her shop, you will find lovely plush dolls and other cool things!

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