Tuesday, May 25, 2010

(Heart, heart, heart) Viner!

Some time ago I told you about a little pamphlet I stole from the Murphy Design booth at Comic-Con (ok, NOT stole, took; they were free and I took 3!). Well, the original reason why I had to take so many of them was because I was thinking of doing a little card out of one print I saw in the booklet (for one of my best friends).

The image was from Jonathan Viner and I was instantly in love with it. It was about this simple and perfect moment, full of information for the viewer but calm and somewhat somber for the characters. I wanted to know more about them, to understand what they were thinking at that moment… but those people were made from paint, so I guess… nothing, they were thinking about nothing.

That is what I love about Jonathan Viner; he takes paint, just paint over a canvas and turns it into a complex moment, an interesting character, a life full of secrets and sorrow, a representation of loneliness. You tend to forget that the image is not a picture, not a moment you could have witnessed.

I love the girls he paints, they are always kind of bad or dark, real cool girls. He does tons of nudes, but I must admit, I am not crazy about nude girls… I find nipples distracting, no way to act casual around them. I guess I was not made for all types of art.

I was unable to find that original painting to post here, but if you go into this Murphy Design shop page and click on the number 6 you will see it.

So here are some images I found at Jonathan Vines shop (all fully clothed or at least nipple-free) …

Conduit of Dialogue


Blue Blonde


Universal Remote

And here are Jonathan Viner's Web Page (Here)
and Shop

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