Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More about lovely birds

Yesterday that I was doing the post about Geninne’s ultra cute bird prints, I started to remember these amazing pictures of birds that I found some time ago on Flickr. Today I decided to investigate a little more about that photostream (john&fish)

It turns out that it belongs to a team of brother and sister living in Taipei city. They obviously are devoted to birds (and nature in general) and have been working together for over 20 years!! (now, guys, I love my brother, but I can’t imagine working with him every day for 20 years… so… they must really love each other).

I adore the pictures they take, most of them are of these small (kind of fragile) birds filled with colors, plus the background are ultra alive; filled with the lovely environment of Taiwan and other charming cities.

Being an amateur photographer myself (like almost 95% of the world’s population), I know how hard it is to take good pictures of animals. Most animals will NOT posse for you and will just move around looking for food or something interesting to do; there is no way to predict their actions; and to accomplish a good mixture of bird, light, background, composition and movement is an amazing achievement.

I hope you love their pictures as well.

For more pictures by John and Fish go to their Photostream --> HERE
or their Web Page --> HERE

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