Thursday, May 27, 2010

Five little monkeys (Kirsty Whiten)

Oh my sweet honey glassed toast!
Look! I just found it! It's amazing!!! Crazy good, ultra beautiful and sad; Yeah, because the monkeys are dead or ultra sedated… oh, wait… there is blood in one of them and I think the last one is actually in a coffin, so I guess they ARE dead, but only fake dead because they are made of ink and paper, so no harm done.

I love the mixture of dark ink and lovely, full of life, color. It looks so happy, even though there is a dead animal in the center of it all (and just for the record, I chose to believe that at least in the first three paintings, the monkeys are actually asleep; profoundly asleep).

Ribbon Monkey

Flower Monkey

Vessel Monkey

Blood Monkey

Interred monkey

The artist's name is Kirsty Whiten and she is from Edinburgh, Scotland. She does other things, not monkey related…unless you count the DNA relationship between monkeys and humans... yeah... well, she paints people as well… ok, some of her other painting are kind of strong, she is not afraid of skin and as I have told you before I am not really a fan of nudes (I am a delicate flower), but if you are; here is her magnificent Photostream (Here).

And here is more about here (Here)

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