Friday, May 28, 2010

Aron Wiesenfeld


I am pretty certain I have seen his work around, but my memory fails me (it, always fails me, that is why I make blogs). I am sure that it was in one of the Comic-Cons I attended in the past, by the way I am ultra sad that this year I won’t be able to go, I kind of forgot that my life in Jacksonville was ending in June so, I made no plans for July in California.

If you love art, prints, dolls, and figurines you have to go (at least once) to Comic-Con, I never went as a high-schooler , because I always thought that it was, well, only about Comics (hence the name!), but when I got older and started hanging out with the cool kids from design major (I don’t know if you can say it like this.. well…the guys that studied Design at my university), I found out that Comic-Con was this pop culture heaven!!!!

As the main event you have a huge floor filled with boots with all types of information and freebies; from mayor companies like Marvel Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Scholastic to small artist that buy booths in teams, you really get to find out about what is new and cute in this world. And!!! Then, as super cool extras, there are tons of panels and chats with artists and professionals, you can seat for hours listening about how to write and publish a book, or how to sell online, or go to a drawing classes, amongst other interesting things.

Of course, it is no big secret that Comic-Con is ultra cool, and well to get tickets you do have to buy in advance, and some of the days sell out really fast, lines for some things are kind of a mess, and well there are a lot of people everywhere. But it is worth it, it is a good culture experience. Plus the last night they do a Masquerade party and give out free popcorn, cupcakes, drinks and candy!!! And!!! It all happens in downtown San Diego, so you can always go out and do dinner at an ultra good place.

Now, for the real post, sorry today I am ultra chatty.

So I was telling you, I remember his work from somewhere, wait!!! Yes!! Juxtapoz Magazine!!! Yes!! hahaha well done my beautiful memory! I will never speak ill of you again!! (Specifically on issue #96, this I found it on the About section from his web page, my memory didn’t go that far), Oh and by the way, he is also on issue #14 of Hi-Fructose Magazine… ok, so I am not making a big discovery, he has tons of features on other magazines and exhibitions in various galleries, but his work is great and I wanted to do a post about him.

I specially love his charcoal work, and here are a few of my favorites:


Girl with Dog


And here is his Web Page (Here)
And his Flickr Photostream (Here).


So if you want more, and I am sure you do. Here is his Flickr Photostream (Here) and here is his Web Page (Here)

*Amaranta, will you make me the happiest legal resident in this world?

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