Friday, June 11, 2010

Anneka Tran

Well, I didn’t tell you, but yesterday I was in a really weird mood, and it took me some time to get over it… actually it was exactly the same amount of time that it took to find this image from Anneka Tran on the Web*:

Solar System desktop light

Done, no way to keep up my funky act after that.

So I really wanted to do a post in her honor, but! Because I knew some of you were really going to love her, I decided to sent her an e-mail to ask if she had a shop were one could buy some of her prints**.

I don’t know about you, but I really (really!) want that last one and this next one in my geeky son’s room… or daughter’s room… I am not sure; I am not even pregnant yet (with all the luck in the world I won’t get pregnant in the next 4 years)… but it is a fact that I want one of those in my future son’s or daughter’s room, and maybe if he or she behaves, he or she can have both.

Periodic Table

Well… I think I went a little of topic; the thing is she has no shop and I have no kids; we both can work on that in the future. For now, I can keep on blogging in the mornings and making strawberry pancakes for two on Sundays and she can keep up working on marvelous and witty illustrations.

Have a look:


Pink Laundry

Vegetable Valentine

A little more on Anneka Tran: She is from England and obviously has a spiffing sense of humor (you see what I did? I used a British word to spruce up my post); you can find her Flickr Photostream: HERE, her blog: HERE and her portfolio: HERE.

* The World Wide Web!!
** In all my spying I couldn't find one.

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