Friday, June 11, 2010

Miyuki Sato

Yay! The ok-you-can-post-my-work replies came to my e-mail! So now, without any doubt I can do some post that I really wanted to do yesterday.

The first one is for Miyuki Sato (Poetics) a Japanese illustrator that is probably one of the nicest persons in this world; I don’t know her personally, but I spent hours yesterday spying on her work and reading how she answers every single praise and comment on her images.

The reason I am doing a post about her has nothing to do with her personality (it is her work that is important) however it is never lost in me when I see a person being so attentive and responsible towards fans and I wanted all of you to know about this little part of her character. Good people deserve good remarks.

So, now that you know a little about her, let’s move on to her work: She does illustrations of children, mostly girls (lovely, soft, big eyed and somewhat sad). She adds little extras to her images, props taken from nature, that seem so in tune with the whole portrait you need some extra time to realize they’re there (You don’t even question why that girl is wearing shell headphones or how did that boy get the duck to sit there). She creates a seamless connection between the fantastic and the could-be-real.

I am really looking forward to following her work, I am sure every little image she uploads is going to be a great treat. Here are a few I loved from her*:

Song of the life.

Ugly Duckling.

je suis une enfant.


blog title - August

If you want to follow her as well, here is her Flickr Photostream --> HERE
and here is her Poetics blog --> HERE (only it is in Japanese)

* Do not worry about the watermarks, I did ask for permission to use her images.

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  1. Good morning to you too :-)So lovely, I love all the pitures. xo