Saturday, June 5, 2010

Makidra's dolls


Wow, today I found these dolls, and I must admit that I have come to realize that I love all things not-perfectly-beautiful. I am fascinated with these doll’s asymmetrical big eyes, the little freckles that invade their skins, their sad looks and their frizzy hair.

I know, that not everyone has a space for dolls like these, I mean, my boyfriend would really freak out if I had five of them sitting around the house*, but I am really happy that Makidra (from Germany) makes them, and takes such lovely pictures of them. They are art, no doubt about it, lovely and fascinating interpretations of women**.

I would really like to look at them in real life; I feel that they must have a real aura when you look at them up close… well maybe someday I can get away with buying one of them… just one, and I will promise my guy to never take it out to the common areas.

For now, I will be happy doing a little post in their honor. Here Have a look:




And if you want one, here is Makidra’s Etsy shop (Here)
And if you just want to look at more of them, here is Makidra’s Flickr Photostream (Here)


* He is not such a doll guy, but that is cool; some mornings he wakes up and brings me coffee and a blueberry muffin, so you lose some, you win some (dolls for mornings with blueberry muffins, I can take that).
** Funny that at first look you see them as distorted and odd, but then you start to realize that they actually remind you of someone you know, and not in a bad, catty, way.

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