Sunday, June 6, 2010

Post #1

This was supposed to be the first post on the blog. When I stood up straight, looked up to the sky and exclaimed “Yes, I WILL create a new blog, it will be about illustration, photography, crafting and all the things I love from the Web (the World Wide Web that is), and it shall be called Hello Little World” I knew, exactly who was going to be on my first post. No doubt about it…

… Then, I started to mess with Word and Blogger, I sent out some Can-I-blog-about-your-art e-mails, I made some list about my favorite artists… I was ultra ecstatic and I started to post! I couldn't help it! And there went my first official post.

Now, don’t you go thinking that my love for this photographer is flaky, or that somehow her work didn’t matter as much; the thing was that somewhere along I lost her Yes-you-can-post-my-images reply, and this reply was ultra important for me, because as soon you will see, the pictures that I love from her are of her children. And well, I don’t want to be a weirdo posting pictures of someone else’s kids without their explicit permission!

So ok here goes: her name is Sesame Ellis (for personal work) and Rachel Devine (for commercial), this is her official Web Site (Here), this is her blog (here) and this is her Flickr Photostream (Here). She is an American living in Australia with her husband and her three mega cute children (Gemma, the loveliest of girls, and the twins: Clover and Kieran). She is represented by Huffreps.

gemma september.

the boy bunny.

we are hitting the beach for some fireworks, see you in 2009!

school holiday coffee break

Why was she supposed to be post number one? Well because of her, some time ago, I had this weird epiphany that photography had to be a day to day thing, kind of like being a recovering alcoholic (not that I know much about that), you have to put effort in it every day, and find the simple aesthetics of your daily life. I had always loved photography, but never look at it in such a way; I only took my camera out on “special days”.

I am not a great photographer, but I do love the calm and appreciation that photography brings to my life, thanks to it, I have been able to record almost every day of my time here in America (with the love of my life), and Sesame Ellis had much to do with that.

My pictures will never be like hers* (I do not have her talent; that is a fact) but she did start something on me; a particular enjoyment for this world, the need to capture it, all of it: the simple, the lovely, the calm, the sad and the amazing (all this eventually led to the Hello Little World blog, because not all the amazing is mine).

Thanks to her I understood that my life, just like hers, was unique and striking, photo worthy**.

little bunny gem gem

* It is not only ability! Her family is picture perfect, literally, and my guy and I have to deal with our not so attractive chubbiness from strawberry ice cream!
** Thank you so much Sesame Ellis!!!!

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