Thursday, June 24, 2010

Denial continuation and Meomi

So, yes, my life is about to change, big time, again; not much I can do about it... so... I wanted to do a happy post for today, because well, I am still here, so I am still fantastically perfect. So here goes, the happiest that I could find: Meomi!!!!

toaster in the sky

Meomi (Vicki Wong from Vancouver and Michael Murphy from L.A.) are one of my ALL-TIME favorites. For the longest time I have been trying to steal as much of their pamphlet and stickers as legally possible on Comic Con*.

Of course they are not some rare find of mine, they are all over the place and well known; they do work for some major companies and they even designed the mascots for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games. If you go to their fantastic web site (here) you will see all the different things they create, from clothing to toys and books; they have a really big variety.

I hate that I have to do a selection of only 5 images of them, because the truth is that I could easily find at least 20 that I LOVE (yes, with all caps).

rainy day music

slowtown by meomi

puffer helpers

The first characters of them that I ever saw were the Octonauts (above); a team of super cool and cute underwater explorers. Now this lovely bunch has various books and even an animated series on the works. Have a look at their web page (here) toaster in the sky

Sumi, Quatchi & Miga flying back into Vancouver

* I can’t believe how sad I am that this year I won’t be going to Comic Con and I won’t be able to stuff my pockets with freebies.

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