Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Colors!

Every now and then I am really sure that no matter what introduction I do, there is no way I can ever express what simply looking at something makes me feel.

So, for today, I will keep quiet (knowing there is little I can say to embellish) and just let you contemplate what is making my heart blush with excitement. Hopefully you will feel the same as I do.

Speakerdog MIXA!

Every Night About This Time Art Print Blue (detail)

Dream A Little Dream art print

Deer Illustration For Computer Arts Magazine

All of these images come from Ben the Illustrator (Ben O'Brien) is an artist from the UK. He works alongside his wife; she manages their Wish You Were Here brand (have a looky look at their things -> HERE). For more of Ben the Illustrator go to his web page (here) or his Flickr Photostream (here)


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