Monday, June 7, 2010

Glitter and rainbows and cupcakes and stars. (Stoopidgerl)

If I could have trapped your dreams (from when you were six or seven) in resin, what would they have looked like? You wonder.

Well they would have looked like the fantastic jewelry of Stoopidgerl:

Rainbow Unicorn

Me So Pretty

Eat Me

Little Boy Blue
This was a super fast post, because I think what Stoopidgerl does needs little description, her work is so amazing and vivid, it speaks for itself.

I just came to realize that I picked only hearts, but she has other shapes on her shop; I guess I just love hearts.

Rainbow Bright Heart

Now, go to her Photostream to have a tiny epileptic shock with all her colorful and sour pictures (Here), then go to her shop because I know!!! You want something from her (Here)

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  1. Hi Amaranta, still loving it :-), aren't they just the sweetest things. xo