Monday, June 7, 2010

Skinny Ships

For this post it was really hard to pick 5 images* I am in complete love with many of this guy’s images. Now, this guy is named Richard (Richard Perez) and he lives in San Francisco with his girlfriend and their cats. Riveting storytelling by me, no?

I need to spice it up… Ok, he loves Mexican food, but thinks San Francisco’s can’t compare to LA’s… humm, he needs to go to Tijuana, and I will take him to this great little 24 hour shop, were you can get stuffed with only the best of the Mexican best*. After some bar-hopping in Tijuana; some Mexican cream of corn, a little steak, rajas (strips of poblano pepers, corn, cream and magic), some handmade tortillas and rice water, he will never be the same.

Here are the 5 things that I managed to favor from Skinny Ships, the official name of Richard Perez’s work:


The Sea - Lighthouse


things i like number: 2465

Imagine, if he said yes to my invite? What a mess!! I am really awkward socially, it takes me about two hours to write each post and as you can see, not every one of them makes sense!

Well… anyway, his work is great! Whatever he is eating is doing him good. Here is his Web Page (here) and here is his Flickr Photostream (Here), oh and by the way, he has a set of typography on his Photostream that I fell in love with (Here). Have a look, unlike my writing, it is worth your time.

All the hippie batboy wants is a hug!

* It is one of my rules to post 5 images per artist; no more, no less, to make things fair.
** Not really, the best of the Mexican best can be found in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Yucatán… Sinaloa, Querétaro and Nuevo León… and other parts, Mexico is ultra yummy everywhere.

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