Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hylton Warburton Will Eat You (not really).

So, this guy is amazing. No other way to put it; for some time now I have been spying his work on Flickr, and today I decided to add him to this blog. I must admit that I wanted to find all types of details about him on his profile but, as it tends to happen often, little info was posted. Guys are so shy!

What we do know is that he is from South Africa, male and talented! And for me, that is just about enough data to make a post about him

I am super in love with his monsters; guys tend to draw really nice beast and creatures and Warburton’s are filled with colors, gooey textures and something like drunken happiness, I think they are ultra charming.

Music Will Eat You



Monsters Love Seafood

I found this little interview he did for Dont Party (Here); were he talks about his work and his creative process, I will not copy/paste it because well… that would be weird. But go and have a look, it is really interesting.

For more good illustrations go to his Flickr Photostream (Here)

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