Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Stunt Kid

Jason Levesque (a.k.a stuntkid); He is male, he is taken and he is currently in the USA… there you go, and now, let my searching begin.

Druid Ass Hippy Shit

Anatomical Apnea


Nop, nop, nop. These male artists really love their privacy. They don’t put much out there beside their work. I did find his Blog (here) and his Livejournal (here).

One cool fact I did learn thanks to an interview he and his wife did for RVA Magazine, is that he dropped out of school in grade 11* and never actually went to art or design school. He started drawing out from playboy magazines. That pervert! Hahaha I kid, I kid; That's actually a really cool way to learn about anatomy and other things**.

Here is that revealing interview --> (HERE)


By the way, his Flickr Photostream (Here) is full of super cool pictures of his models covered with all types of viscous liquids or with funky props, they are really good, take a look.

lime, raspberry, blueberry

*Yes, I had to look up what that meant, because back in Mexico such grade numbers don’t apply, so for all the other little non Americans out there, he dropped out of school when he was 16 or 17 years old.
**Other things

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