Monday, June 28, 2010

Irana Douer and Mercedes.

Well I guess I should tell you a little about my new writing surroundings, as some time ago I left it all for my new life in Florida, well coming back was a little hard, because there is little here for me to come back to.

I am at my parent’s house in Ensenada, Baja California (a small town, 60 miles south of Tijuana). Of course this used to be my home when I was 18 and younger, so I did have a room here, but now it has been taken by my sick grandma, and there used to be a spare room but that one is now taken by my sick grandma’s nurse. So I get the couch.

As I am attempting to write this post, the nurse is trying to convince my grandma to eat her breakfast and grandma is ignoring her while asking me if I am my mother (she has elderly dementia). I tell her no, I am not my mother, but my mother’s daughter; Where is Mercedes? She asks, I tell her that I don’t know, because I am not really sure who she is talking about, the nurse comes to my aid, She is gone - she says - she died a long time ago (Mercedes, turns out to be a younger sister of my grandma that died from cancer when she was young). As if trigger by the conversation, the nurse ask the woman that helps to clean the house about her husband (I think he has diabetes); he is doing better -she answers- but there is no telling.

Yes, my Mexico is a singular environment. Back in Jacksonville I used to have the comfort of my own writing room, my big shared bed, quiet and… wait, the cat just jumped to my lap… yeah, things are really different now.

So… any way, here is the post that I was able to write:

I normally don’t like drawings or paintings of nudes, because I am such a prude, but for Irana Douer I will make an exception. At First I was super excited thinking that I had just made a rare find, but then I noticed that actually she has been featured in various magazines and has many solo exhibitions,so no rare find for me… but a nice post for you.

She is from 26 year old from Argentina and she has her own online magazine called Ruby Mag (here)… So, I could easily hate her, more talented, younger, smart… I could hate her and no one would judge me for it, but no, I won’t, I have enough girls to hate on my life (like that girl that keeps tagging me on inspirational notes on Facebook; no thank you lady, I don't want that picture of a chubby cat) I don’t need to add to that list any talented people. So, enjoy, don’t hate, and have a nice day.


Make magic

holographic thoughts

Below are some of her super cool hand painted ceramic cups, if you’re lucky you will be able to find one on her shop, if not, well.. That is life; anyway, do visit her shop on her Web page (Here) to find something nice for yourself or your friendly neighborhood blogger.
Or just go to her Flickr Photostream to find mo re of her super cool art --> Here
And her Etsy shop is (she has some mugs here!!! go! buy!!) --> Here

Picture by Irana Douer

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