Monday, June 28, 2010

My dear 23 followers

You have no idea how your existence has changed my life; I am in Mexico now. I cannot truly express how this separation has had an effect on me; I think the closes I can get to conveying how I feel is: Imagine most of you important organs have been replaced with bubble wrap and packing peanuts, so you feel empty but at the same time stuffed.

Well, as all this changes came upon me a single thought kept me going: Come Monday, I have to post. So, I continued searching for illustrators and crafters on the web even though my head felt like it could not take in any information, I carried on with my to-post list and whenever my heart started to look back, I wrote and edited on my mind.

So thanks. You all really helped. I am here, on my new type of Monday, completely invested on this post and even though I have to find a job, an apartment and I am pretty sure I have been filled with packing supplies a can for some moments just forget, search, write and be happy.

So here we go, for the music part of this Monday, here is The Acorn with Crooked Legs

By the way, if you ever find one of those notes that tells you that you cannot see the video because of your country, please forgive me (and if you can, send me a little note); I don’t know how to be sure that all countries will be able to see what I find here in Mexico.

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