Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joyeux Anniversaire!!!! (Bobi + Bobi)

Well, it has taken me some more time today to finally sit down and do this post, a series of fantastic and simple events happened (including an improvise lunch trip with my guy) so, I am a little late to do my special birthday post.

I had this super idea for a post... but then I realized that the artist wanted to be contacted before posting his images on any blog, so I had to send him an e-mail (yep, my last minute ways always get me into trouble) ... but! don't worry, I have an artist just as special.

Now! ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Bobi + Bobi !!!

sur un banc

Why her as a special gift for my friend? well because Bobi (or Bobi + Bobi) is a super cool artist from France, a chic girl with mega stylish work. My friend lives in Spain, yes, yes he does, but his heart was made in France, make no mistake about it.

His heart is a small walk, a picnic of bread and cheese, long coats, scarves the cold air of Normandy and the symphonic chaos of Paris. His soul est rédigé en français*.

And so, my dear followers, Bobi + Bobi is the perfect artist for today.

testa a testa

Point de rencontre

ma petite carotte

What do I love about Bobi + Bobi? well, the girls she draws are always intriguing, quiet, wrapped in strong relationships with other girls, strong and protective; she makes me wish I had a sister, a real bond with another female.

Illustration for her book: Un ami pour Lucas

For more of this super cool french gal you can go the her Flickr Photostream (Here), her blog (Here) or her Portfolio (Here).

* Is written in French

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