Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17.

Well, today is my best friend's birthday an since he now lives in Madrid and I in Florida getting him an appropriate birthday gift is kind of hard. So I decided to do a special blog day for him, since, after all, we both share our love for the posting arts.

For the music part of this day I thought that posting a song from one of his favorite artist would be great... but Dido seems to only have sad and desperate songs, and that is not the mood I want to set for this day... I was getting somewhat worried, my surprise consisted on Dido making an appearance !!!

I searched and searched, and searched some more, AND!!! I did find that for her album Safe Trip Home (2008) she commissioned directors from all over the world to do short films, 11 in total (one for each song). The films are SUPER lovely and deep, perfect! Perfect!

I found one song that is kind of happy, funny thing is: The video is really sad!!! hahaha... well, I did try !!!

So, here is Us 2 Little Gods, song by Dido and short film by Marcos Prado.
For more of these short films go --> HERE

Hope you can see the video in Spain my sweet and beautiful Chuy (No matter how old we are, we will always be little and, if you take Bacchus as a reference, we can stay as gods as well).

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