Thursday, June 10, 2010

The mystery of life.

And then, the fridge just started to work! In case you were wondering what ever happened. The repairman came, and apparently some 15 minutes before he got here that thing had started to work all by itself!! The ice was ice (not just sad water) and it was all normal.

I guess my refrigerator just needed a trill; he had an urge for a change of pace, the need to kill some meat and a few dairy products.

Now he feels alive and ready to continue his monotonous days.
Well, my dear appliance, this one is for you:

Leave Your Boyfriends Behind by Leona Naess

Yes, the song has nothing to do with my fridge’s life or mortality; I just love that song and wanted to post it… and I think my refrigerator had enough attention yesterday.

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