Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Betcha can't love just one. (Rita Cordeiro)

Today I wanted to do a post about interesting jewelry, I must admit that I was about to take the easy way out and do a wish-list-post (you know the kind: various artists, one image per artists, links, and no need for much text), then I stumbled upon the work of Rita Cordeiro and I added one of her necklaces to my list, but it didn’t seem right, I keep wondering on her archives finding brilliant and fun pieces… I couldn’t pick just one!!!

Plus I love that she has the courage to model her work, and that she doesn’t do the usual I-want-to-be-a-model posses. That sold me!! She deserves the full post!!

She lives in Portugal; I have been finding jewelry with nice craftsmanship and lovely details coming from that country, and she is no exception. Later I will post about other artist from there, for now, enjoy the vivid work of Cordeiro:

#56 from Cooler

mola O|1 azul from Cooler

#12 from Cooler

helmet from Wooler

As you might have noted, her work is divided in two series: Cooler and Wooler, the first one encompasses the cotton jersey and crochet work and the second the handmade wool accessories.

For Cooler:
Blog Shop (here) and Etsy shop (here)

For Wooler:
Blog Shop (here) and Etsy shop (here)

Onda from Wooler

Want more? I am sure you do, so visit her Flickr Photostream (here) or her In My Pocket blog (here)