Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cheeky little things. (Kate Wilson)

There is one gal, named Kate Wilson, that, secretly or not so secretly (depending on the blogs and Flickr accounts you follow), is making girls all over laugh with her quirky paintings. This is not a No-boys-allowed club, don’t get it twisted! But the fact is that her little bird doodles talk about simple issues that affect mostly woman.

She does all types of illustrations and paintings, always maintain a simple composition with a splash of color; she has a series called What I Wore Today that I really love… but her birds!! Her birds!! Those are delightful!! Extraordinary! Pure magic and a bag of chips*! They are the female evolution of the comic strip, a little funny note with a hit of stile.

They are birds going about in their world, trying to maintain their cool in their little society. They attend events, have little fashion emergencies, do tea parties, try on different looks, search for love, etc… and they do all while keeping a real dignified form.

Look! Love! Follow! Buy!

Acorn hats are for fashionistas only

Saucy little bird

What Charlie loved best about Clemence was her hair first thing in the morning

Edna's love of eggnog knew no bounds

If you are in for the following, go to her Blog (here) or her Flickr Photostream (here)
and if you are interested in the buying part, she has an Etsy Shop (here) and a DaWanda shop (here)

Unleashing the creativity

A tiny more about Kate Wilson: she graduated with 1st class honours in BA Illustration from the University of the Arts from London, and she still lives in that city.

*yes, I am running out of adjectives and praises.


  1. These birds are my absolute favorites! I already visited her shop and would love to get all the pictures but... Thank you for sharing the link!

    Many sunny greetings from Finland!


  2. Wow, so cool that you both like them! Ohh and ultra great that visit to the shop!!
    Thanks you for reading!!