Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To start

ok, so let's star today with some giveaways and one freebie, there are some really good giveaways today, by the way.

- Win a toddler bracelet from Danita Apple at Kenziepoo --> HERE
- A print giveaway from Cassia --> HERE
- Freebie scrapbook digital backgrounds at Mini Toko --> HERE
- A Plush circus set giveaway at LEFTZ --> HERE
- Win a $250 gift card from Beso at Calivintage --> HERE
- Win an orange wall clock and calendar at Deedee9:14 --> HERE
- Win a custom monogram vase from the Maid of Clay ceramics at The Rikrak Studio --> HERE
- A cute birthday giveaway at Table Calendar --> HERE
- Win a pair of earrings from DistressingDelilah at Voleur de Bijoux --> HERE
- Win a set of notebook, pencils and garland at PinkLizzy Sews --> HERE

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