Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Note to self: Buy bird hat. (Camila do Rosario)

Oh, the women of Brazil, how insecure they make me feel. Me with my body hunched over my computer, eating créme brulée ice cream, secretly* wearing my workout clothes (not because of any plans of exercising… they are just ultra comfy).

Spoon in my mouth, wondering if maybe I should take a shower, I find this:


And I know, she is from Brazil… and I am not.

I stop, sit out straight, write this introduction, pause, shower, dress like a normal person, braid my hair and come back.

I am back, now in full female character. I needed it, no way to write about this work while looking like a mess.

So, ok, the artists name is Camila do Rosario (pretty name, no? magical), she is a fashion illustration student from Brazil (living in a town called Florianópolis). There is little info about her on the Web, I did Google her (sorry Mom**) but there was a tiny amount of data to be found; I am pretty sure this has nothing to do with her talent, she deserves pages and pages in blogs and magazines, but I guess that since she is only just a student, well, soon, when she gets a bigger compilation of work she will be featured everywhere. I hope.

So here are some more things from her:

Efêmero (Ephemeral)



And if you want some more, go to her Flickr Photostream (Here)

Cílios tontos e habitados

*Not so secret anymore.
** I am turning into the crazy blog lady.

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