Thursday, June 10, 2010

Try and try again, until you figure out another way.

Well some days I have no luck! I fall in love with some prints or something else and then I figure out that there is no proper way to copy the image. So I have to send a mail and wait.
Today, that happened to me three times!!!!!! What the funky little cheese!?

So, ok, I kind of gave up, hopefully for tomorrow, the ok-you-can-use-my-images replies will come and I will be able to write about the things I loved.

For now, I will post something that I started yesterday; mi little wish-list post. I didn’t want to post this one today, because I just posted about the accessories of Rita Cordeiro and I thought it was repetitive, you see this post is all about fun and wild necklaces.

But I guess is better to post something with a repeated theme than to not post at all. So, here are my picks for necklaces that I wish I had (and that I wished I had the guts and stile to wear):

From Irregular expressions

Pandorea ... Freeform Crochet Necklace

Irregular expressions is a unique family project from Turkey, they have the most spectacular pieces, this is one I love, but you have to visit their Flickr Photostream (here) or Etsy Shop (here) to get a real idea of what they are doing. The mother is the creative force, and boy! I would really love to meet her, her work is incredible!

From Viktoria Luftensteiner

Will Neckpiece

Viktoria Luftensteiner (Donauluft) is from Austria and makes fabulous accessories covered in glass beads, most of her work is exceptional and clean; I loved this one necklaces because of the mix of colors and the amount of work she obviously put into it.
For more of her great things go to her Etsy shop (here), her DaWanda shop (here), her Flickr Photostream (here) and/or her blog (here)

From Jessica Rosenkrantz

radial necklace II

Jessica Rosenkrantz (founder of Nervous System with Jesse Louis-Rosenberg) is from the United States; she graduated from MIT and has degrees in Architecture and Biology. Obviously all that knowledge translates into her work as a designer, this necklaces is just incredible. Go to their shop, to look at more magnificent pieces (here).
Her Flickr Photostream is --> Here
and Nervous System's Web page --> Here

From Sara Aires


Sara Aires is from Portugal and does great crochet accessories; all her pieces are filled with bright colors and intriguing textures. I love this one because it seems so sophisticated, quiet, and yet still whimsical.
For more of Sara Aires, go to her Flickr Photostream (here), her Etsy shop (here) or her blog (here)

From Julieta Odio

Collar para el coleccionista II (Translation by me: Necklace for the collector)

Julieta Odio makes accessories from Costa Rica, she works with various types of materials; she has some resin and plastic things that I really liked, but the one I picked: all-time favorite by far; I am crazy for it.
You can find more of her things at her Flickr Photostream (Here) and her blog (here).


  1. Omgoodness..are these ever creative! I would so wear them! they are unique and certainly stand out from the crowd!

    artsy fartsy! i like them...thanks for sharing them....and i'm sure you couls SO pull them off...

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. What a surprise, thank you for such a flattering feature. I blush to be mentioned next to such wonderful artists. :)
    Only one tiny correction: I only crochet, none of my pieces is knitted. :)
    keep in touch!


  3. Oh my! yes!! I am sorry, I guess I just keep using those as synonyms! I am really sorry, I will make the correction.
    My best!