Friday, June 11, 2010

Ale! Ale! Ale!

Well the World Cup is here, no way to really (truly) ignore it; my facebook is slowly filling up with green, white and red images (because I am Mexican, and so are most of my friends). My boyfriend’s attention is slowly fading away, our DVR recorder is programmed and set to go… they are a team now, my guy will go to work and the DVR will be his eyes and ears, and I am forbidden to send him any type of information relating to the scores.

Not knowing or sharing the scores is not going to be any kind of challenge for me, I am not much of a football (soccer) fan, I have to admit. I am… just… I am not… I am sorry… that Mexican part of me never really developed.

I love the stadium food, I adore all the little noise trinkets they sell and I am up for pre and post-game parties… but I just don’t get the sport.

Anyway, I guess, still, I have to do a little something in honor of the start of the World Cup. After all, my boyfriend has been counting down the days since mid April, and today Mexico does play, so… a nice thing to do would be to post a song related to soccer…

BUT!!! All the major* football songs that I love don’t have videos!!!! or the videos available have the worst resolution... so... the best I could do is Nelly Furtado’s Forca that is a really nice song, but was actually the official anthem of the 2004 UEFA European Football Championship… so is related to soccer, but not to the World Cup or to the last five years!! hahaha… oh well… I tried! ... It was this or Ricky Martin's The Cup Of Life**.

* Bersuit Vergarabat ‘s Toco y Me Voy and Mano Negra’s Santa Maradona.
Hahaha Ricky Martin!!! The best!!!! Here we go!
Ale! Ale! Ale! Go! Go! Go! Ale! Ale! Ale!

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