Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Talented Mr. Alberto Cerriteño

I was doing my standard spying for this post and I happened to stumble upon Alberto Cerriteño’s Facebook profile, what was my surprise?! We have friends in common! Eight!! Well actually 5 individuals plus 3 brands (We have two degrees of separation!! Great! And... yes, I have no life). Anyway, I thought that was an interesting note*.

Amazing intro no? No wonder I have talented friends.

Well, I guess I could defend myself by saying this: Alberto Cerriteño needs no great intro; his work can make up for any and all lousy openings, central points, conclusions and epilogues. I have been in love with his work for quite a while now; amazed by the texture he adds to all his pieces and ultra fascinated by his layered paper prints (I really don’t know how to call them, but --> here is an example).

Another thing that I love from what he does is that all of his characters are happy; he is not a depressed designer with melancholic visions. He does joyful images that are filled with colors and movement, I love them (I am sure you will love them as well):

Sora The Winter Angel (Special Edition Print)

A collaboration for the project Terrible Yellow Eyes.


Mo and His Best Friend

Alberto Cerriteño was born and raised in Mexico but now lives in Portland (USA). You can find more of his work on his Web Site (here), his Flickr Photostream (here), his Blog (here) or!!!! You can go to his shop (here) and get yourself (or you favorite blogger) a lovely print.

The Enamored Snail

* Oh my! Hahaha I just spied a little more down on his Facebook page and saw that he has about 5000 friends, so I was thinking of delete my intro because it lost all meaning, but I didn’t because, well… I don’t want to... Sorry, today I am having a weird day, let’s just make the best with what we have.

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