Monday, July 19, 2010

Arianna Vairo's point of view.

I am an ultra square person; whenever I draw I tend to fixate on geometrical shapes and symmetry, however (and probably because of it) whenever I see drawings or illustrations that ignore traditional forms and palettes I go crazy. Today I found this from Arianna Vairo:


I went bonkers.

I have no idea how the mind of someone that paints like that works. I am all about categories and things in their correct place, right and wrong, up or down. I don’t like my peas touching the mash potatoes and I hate it when the chocolate chips break the perfect round outer form of the cookie; yes, I have issues. So, for me, it is impossible to conceive or create images like the ones Arianna Vairo is generating (not only because I have no talent) but because quite simple I don’t get how she thinks, it would be unfeasible for me to try and imitate her style.

Luckily I don’t have to; I can just sit back, enjoy her work and do this little post so you can get to savor her pieces as well (That’s the small beauty of being the blogger and not the artist).

Here are more of my favorites from her:

mostro in idro MIAMI MAG '09


buia-cover subway

She was born Italy in 1985 (she is so young!) and that is almost all I know about her, she has a blog (here) and you can browse her Flickr Photostream (here); Go and visit both, they are really worth your time!


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