Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday with Ra Ra Riot

Oh, my lovely followers, I can’t wake up!! It is almost two o’clock, and I can get out of this haze. Between the cat jumping on me, grandma being grandma and my own neurosis, I got little to none sleep last night.

I have tried everything I know to snap out of my sleepy mode: Coffee, exercise, playing with the dog, more coffee, candy, bubble gum, miso soup (ok, the miso soup was just because I was also hungry); nothing works, every time I blink I feel I might collapse into a super nice coma.

An ultra-cozy-nothing-can-bother-me coma.

Still I was able to find a nice song for this Friday. I can’t believe it is Friday again! The week went by so fast!

This is Ra Ra Riot with Can you Tell

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amaranta,
    Thanks for popping over with such lovliness. I've been having loads of trouble sleeping lately, I think I may have the opposite problem. Though once I'm out, I sleep like a log!!xo