Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Morning!

I hope you had an ultra nice weekend!

I had a rather interesting one, some nice partying with friends in Tijuana, a calm little dancing evening (nothing to Tijuanaish): Saturday we danced until 4 am (well, my friends did, I have up around 3), we then got up at 9 am and then at 5 pm, after kicking back for a long time (the perfect lazy Sunday), I got a ride back home to Ensenada (thank you Errez!!). So! At 10 pm, yesterday, I was done. I went to my sad little couch and got the best sleep in weeks! I even had a nice dream!

Today I feel great, I went to the gym to get info on the prices and, turns out, they have really nice deals; I think later I will pay my first month and tomorrow (if this life allows) I will go to yoga class!! I do need a nice way of getting rid of my stress. Oh! And they have zumba and boxing classes there as well! (I will turn into a lean, mean, anxiety free, dancing machine!)

For now, a song.

This is Amy Millan’s Skinny Boy*

* Directed by George Vale

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