Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Giuseppe Modica

Pills, pills and more pills. I am not feeling better, but right now I am finding tons of links to interesting artists, so I don’t care about the little mountain of tissues by my side or my body ache. Funny thing is that I am finding people with little or null profile information; I have to send them e-mails requesting (if they may) more facts about them. I really love it when this happens, I feel ultra professional and exited because you never know if or when they will answer.
Anyway, I want to get something remarkable for today…
Yay! I got it!!



Urban Culture

Battle of the Titans

Fox doing the impossible!

You want more?? Nice no?? Well his Web Site is HERE and his Flickr Photostream is HERE. Sorry, I did look for more information about him, but I can’t seem to find any; those male illustrator, they really like their privacy!

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