Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well good afternoon…

Pills inside my tummy, vitamin C drink by my side and I am ready to roll. I already did the shopping for dinner thing with my mother, the playing thing with the family dog and I bought myself a basketball so I can go out and shoot some hoops later*. So, for now, my full attention can be on my beloved blog.

I found this cool song and video today, I have been finding tons of good singers lately, but most of them do not have videos. It is a shame really, because without the video I have no way of posting about them. But luckily Greg Laswell has a video (Take Everything), he is from San Diego (and I adore San Diego!). I really like the video, I love when you can tell that it was a huge task for the artists to film his video, imagine: finally making it in to the music business, and next you have to sing your single backwards, hit your marks with perfect timing and never crack a smile; it must have been a nice day for him.

I like him, he seems pleasant.

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